Reflecting on the past year and planning for the next.

A handful of things I resolve to do this year:

  • Learn something new & I LOVE learning- So 2016 will be the year of trying new things. Pottery & Cooking Class, and Going back to where I started…FILM to name a few.
  • Explore! Being a tourist in my own city is where is begins, but not where it ends.
  • Live a purposeful life and continue to give back in 2016. The Pay it Forward I have been doing for the past three years will continue strong… No you will not see photos or posts, I do it because it feels so good to know people are SMILING. It makes my heart happy! They never know who I am. Just a reminder there is good in the world.
  • Just Be. Be ME.
  • Continue to build a business I am PROUD of. I am so stinking excited for the New Year! I hope you are too.


The Photo Collage above was from a family road trip this Summer we traveled 6012 miles. Exploring this amazing country together. We love to stay in lesser known towns, eat at the locals favorite places and have NO PLAN allowing for more flexibility to see and discover.