Hello! My name is Kelly. I am so glad you found me!

  • I am a lover of coffee, to a fault.
  • I have an obsession with Christmas, giving gifts no matter how small makes me giddy.
  • I am an animal whisperer, or so I am told. Animals LOVE me. Yet I have set the cap at two small yet adorable lap dogs.
  • I love the mix of old and new, modern and repurposed. It defines me.
  • I love sunrises as much as if not more than sunsets and for completely different reasons.
  • I Love to TRAVEL {road trips, abroad or quaint towns I have yet to see… Yes Please, to it all}

I find a personal joy in capturing unexpected moments in ordinary situations.  Locating the perfect location{s} for you & your story.  I look forward to being your photographer!  I strive to provide each and every client with an unforgettable experience, exceptional customer service with beautiful and unique products.  My hope is that the timeless moments captured at your session will result in heirloom quality art for you and your family to treasure for years and generations to come.

About Our Name

Yes, as I mentioned, my first name is Kelly; but my last name is not Birch.  Then why Kelly Birch you may ask?

Well, my Irish Mom and Dad named me ‘Kelly‘ after a restaurant they frequented when they courted. I had no say in the matter, but I like it.  The ‘Birch’ is in reference to the Birch tree.  I have always loved them, almost a little obsessed.  I still vividly recall sitting on my neighbors wall as a very young girl, I would peel back the layers of the paper birch trunk and uncover what was underneath. I love to uncover pieces of you in my photography, capturing genuine emotion and a real sense of your life. The many branches of this beautiful tree reminds me of the different aspects of photography; I sincerely enjoy.