Kelly Birch Photography presents: The Birch Booth!

Introducing…The Birch Booth

The Birch Booth combines elegant hardware, powerful, integrated software, and unparalleled simplicity, into a photobooth you can carry from the patio to the dance floor, cocktail hour to the bonfire, used over cocktail hour, the reception or a combination of both! The The Birch Booth is also the only photbooth of its kind and can be ran soley on Battery power for those locations with less than ideal outlet locations!

How does it work??

When guests approach the booth, they are greeted with a simple instruction: “Touch Me“. When they touch the screen, The booth captures a few frames over the course of around a second, loops them into an animated GIF and immediately displays the result. The Birch Booth creates super-fun animated GIFs and delivers them direct to guests’ smartphones. While people are giggling at the animation, The Birch Booth uploads the file to our cloud platform. Guests can then tap “send it to me” to enter their phone number, or “again” to make another. If they enter a phone number, it sends an SMS with a link to their GIF. The link will take them to a webpage with their GIF, social sharing buttons, and a link to a stream of all the GIFs from that event. No printing, no wrinkled photos in the bottom of a purse, simply fun, smiles and laughter!

Want to see it in action? Click this link!!

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